Video conference

Communitech offers high quality video conference equipment!

Meeting Rooms

We at Communitech primarily offer three different meeting-room-solutions. These three will all ensure that you and your employees will seamlessly be able to conduct meetings over video. Our solutions can be tailored to your preferences. A standard meeting-room can include:


  • HP Slice
  • Touchmonitor
  • Huddly camera
  • Bracket and cables

Conference camera

We see regularly there is no need for more than just a good camera. If you are on the move, running a small business or one-man business, it may be okay to just acquire a good camera. In cases where there is also much one-to-one communication over video, we see that this is a very popular alternative.

Virtual meeting rooms 

Bring people and teams together with a single, high powered video meeting platform to amplify your company communications. Because work is better together.

  • Professional video conferencing room systems.
  • Desktop/mobile (with the Pexip app) Web browsers.
  • Skype for Business app Traditional audio conferencing.

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