Our mission is to innovate your Workplace

Communitech is your Modern Workplace Partner

We believe the only way to innovate your workplace is by moving to the cloud. Communitech provides everything you need to make the transition; software solutions, hardware, on-boarding, change management, support, etc. We pick the best solutions on the market, test them and add them to our Modern Workplace Portfolio.

As our customer you can be sure you’ll always have access to the best and most innovative Modern Workplace solutions on the market.

Patrik Forsberg

Sales & Marketing / MD


Email: patrik@communitech.no  

Mob: (+47) 4048 0038

Martin Lønne

Biz dev & Finance


Email: martin@communitech.no

Mob: (+47) 9828 9824

Mads Høyby

Products & Operations


Email: mads@communitech.no 

Mob: (+47) 9178 7103

Carl-Magnus Forssell

Sales / Account Manager


Email: carl-magnus@communitech.no

Mob: (+47) 9224 7608

Sebastian Lotherington Lønne

Sales / Account Manager


Email: sebastian@communitech.no 

Mob: (+47) 9269 9148

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